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Hello world!
This is Nini, known for my lower half looking like Mount Fuji.
I work as a samurai during the day, and I am actually the first inventor of sushi in Japan.
And I would have to apologize because I just made that all up for no apparent reason.

I am here today to talk about the very popular cryptocurrency in Japan, Aidos Kuneen, commonly referred to as, ADK.

Unfortunately, I suck ass in English, so I asked my friend Leo to translate the article I wrote sometime ago.I hope this will help you understand ADK better.

I am gonna have fun with this one today! Unlike my other articles, I cannot half-ass this one... this is about ADK, the crypto that I dearly love.

It's a bit long, so feel free to take a break and munch on some cupcakes.



Who is this article for?

Who is this article for?

  • People who already have ADK and a good understanding of the project but tired of explaining to the people around them.
  • People who do not have an understanding about cryptocurrency but knows someone that has ADK and is worried if they are making the right choice.
  • People who have no idea what ADK is but interested in what it's about.

So holders of ADK.

Do you have non-crypto people telling you to get out of whatever scammy thing you're doing?

It is quite bothersome, and the recent fall in bitcoin isn't helping either.
I was wondering if there was something we can refer people to in a situation like,

“I am getting tired of explaining people one by one on how good ADK is!! Isn't there a site or something that explains it well? People need to read that first before complaining”

So instead of waiting for someone to make one, I decided to write it up myself.

To make people give up on worrying about me, I am trying to get in the habit of making weird sounds effects randomly on a regular basis.

uh....Yeah that'll do it...

People interested in ADK

This article is not suggesting beginners to buy ADK. Think carefully before you buy!

For those that are interested, I have put down several links at the end so please think it through before purchasing.

In this industry, people buying crypto without any research are easy target. If you don't know what you're getting into, you will get your ass handed to you ...HARD

Caution: this article is written by Nini, the guy who is ALL IN with ADK. Please keep in mind that the writer is a holder who is slightly out of his mind.

“Hey girl, come over to my place. Oh don't worry I'm not gonna do anything”. My words have about the same credibility as the dudes saying this.

Why did you invest in ADK?

Lets start with the most important thing. What made me decide to invest in ADK?
The answer is a very simple one.

Because I thought I can get rich as F*CK .

This is basically it.

If I may add, because

the founder of ADK is a super qualified, efficient, and inspirational guy who I truly believe will come through with this project.

The long time holders of ADK, you know what I mean right?



How much profit can there be?

For those thinking cryptocurrency as a huge risk, you are probably wondering what potential value ADK is said to reach.

The founder of ADK is stating that when the ADK project is complete, the value of one ADK will reach at least $6400 USD.

The current value of 1 ADK is about $30, which makes that to a 200x increase

And yes, the holders truly believe that this will happen (as of now August 2018)

Besides the main project, there are other side projects that are in the works as well.

When those side projects are complete, it is said that the price will even double on top of the 200x increase.

Regarding the main project, I think at the latest it will take a year to implement the basics and another 3~4 year to get it fully working.

Although a different field, the following successful stocks have increased as follow:

Apple: More then 400x

Soft bank(Japan): More then 300x

Yahoo(Japan): More then 300x

Rizap(Japan): More then 600x

When you look at these numbers, 200x is not an unattainable number.
Don't you agree?

At this point, my readers do not have any idea why this is possible, so allow me to explain step by step.

What is ADK?

ADK is a cryptocurrency.

For the most famous cryptocurrency, we have bitcoin.

As for the ranking of market capitalization, bitcoin is in 1st place, and ADK is at about 91st place.

Bitcoin is at the very top with a total value of $140 billion.

At 91st, ADK has a value of about $120 million.

*As of April 10, 2018

This is a very new project that started officially in 2017.

As you can see, a pretty huge amount of money is being invested already.

What is cryptocurrency?

If I explain what cryptocurrency is in super simplified form, its like a cousin of a starbuck's gift card.

(I know my crypto friends will ask me what i'm smoking, but I didn't want to make things complicated for the newcomers. Sorry for ignoring your input)

However, compared to a gift card, it has ALOT of great features.

There are about 1500~2000 different kinds of cryptocurrencies including the not-so-famous ones.

5 to 10 different coins are being created everyday and nobody knows the exact number. There's just way too many of them.

Why are there so many? Because it all has a different purpose.

With a vast number of uses, this new technology has an unlimited potential.

gee, I wonder what other reasons are there for making new coins *cough cough* PROFIT *cough cough*

What kind of features are there in cryptocurrency?

Some examples would be:

-Fast transaction with low fees

-Something that is like a contract/payment combo

-Anonymous transfers

These are new functions/features that were difficult to achieve with traditional money.

Money is evolving...becoming more convenient.

Money first started off with a bunch of stone and rocks, then evolved into paper, and now with the internet, it is becoming digital. Doesn't this sound exciting?

However, in regards to digital currencies becoming the norm, not all experts agree that this will happen anytime soon.

As for my opinion... with so much advancement of the internet, how much longer do we have to continue using paper and metals? It won't be forever.

In fact, we are in the middle of a crazy time where a reinvention of money is taking place.
Along with the invention of electricity, kids in the future will be taught about the invention of digital money.

What features does ADK have?

I went off on a tangent, but what features does ADK have?

There are 3 things the users should know about ADK.

There's actually a lot more, but it can get real complicated, so I won't go into that.

The 3 features of ADK

1) You can send ADK to whoever you want in the world for free.
2) Even in traffic, the transactions are quick.
3) There is anonymity

I wrote these down as if it wasn't a big deal, but the first 2 are actually a big deal even in this crypto world.

Just know that this is possible because of a crazy good technology.

It uses an incredible tech called DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph).

There's only a few cryptocurrencies that uses this tech. Why so few? The coding of it is very difficult.

The 3rd one, anonymity, is an amazing feature as well, but this is pretty popular in the crypto world so it is not too special.

However this anonymous feature is a necessity for the success of this project.



What kind of guy is the founder?

People who have ADK are called ADK holders.

And these holders call the ADK founder by his nickname, Don.

(his real name is Ricardo Badoer)

He's called the Don because he looks like a mafia boss and gets pissed off easily and...
Hey, its just a joke.
My apologies.
(Won't do it again)

And he is very respected by the holders. (The picture I posted is my favorite picture of him)

I think most, if not all, of the ADK holders love the guy.

The Don is loved by many because of the following reasons:

-Incredibly good with what he does. Gets the job done.
-Honest and sincere. He does not play any games or tricks.
-Intimidating. Can get pissed off easily. Energetic
-Worked in finance and was very successful. He is super rich.
-Was a successful crypto trader.
-He is actually very kind and thoughtful.
-Bad mouthed ass lover

To summarize,

A proficient boss who loves ass is super sincere, is why everybody respects him so much.

I love him as well. There was a time when I really wanted to show support, so I sent him a private message with my poor, sucky ass English. These were not the exact words used, but it went something like:

This is a mind-boggling project, but I believe that you will be able to pull this off. I am a big fan of yours. Please take care of your health as well.

Don: Believing in me or not does not matter. This project will succeed. I am very busy now so do not bother with messages like this.
But thank you for your support.

*it was my fault for sending a message during hectic times. I am sorry Don.
But do you see what I mean? Kind of?

Without directly hearing/reading his words, I think its difficult to feel his “greatness”. So please, go into the ADK telegram and see for yourself!

*Looks like Don has been advised by the central bank to act more professional, so his words lately have calmed down (Don recently became one of the board members and stake holders of a bank in Kenya).

(extra) A few stories about Don

Theres a lot of episodes about Don where others know more in detail, but here's a few:

-ADK holders who were scammed from the first exchange were saved by Don. He returned everybody their lost ADK, which came out of his own pocket!

-A mega wealthy guy asked Don if he will sell him all the ADK the foundation is still holding for tens of millions of dollars. Don instantely rejected that offer.

-One time there was a holder who kept on bugging the Don, complaining about something over and over, and then insulted Mr. Ricardo. Don got pissed and told him, “If you have something to say, say it to my face! I will personally provide you with a plane ticket so you can do that. Send me your info. I AM SERIOUS.”
The person stopped complaning after that.

-Don hates ICOs. There are a lot of projects where they collect money first (through ICO) but never finish the project. That is why Don calls ICOs scams and decided to not do an ICO with ADK.

-He hates the idea of giving away free coins as advertisements (airdrop) because it makes the project look cheap.

A pretty awesome guy ain't he?



What is the Don trying to do with ADK?

In order to explain the Don's objectives, I would first need to talk about something that you probably have heard, but not sure how it works. Offshore banking is what I am talking about. It may be a little hard to undestand, but allow me to explain.

An offshore bank is a bank that...

-is safe with an incredible level of privacy.
-can legally help you reduce your taxes, depending on which country you reside (People in Japan cannot do this)

The Don is trying to do the following using ADK:

-Creating an offshore bank with features that were not possible in the past but achievable using ADK.

-Attracting the super rich to his bank

-Creating multiple places that will accept ADK as payment.

So let me further explain about the project.

He is planning on making multiple banks in multiple countries where all the banks will be networked together.

This networking part is what makes this project bullet proof.

IF for some reason one of the banks becomes heavily restricted making it an unviable option for an offshore bank, there are still other branches of the bank in different countries. Unless ALL the countries gets heavily restricted at the SAME time, this project is unstoppable.

As of now, the Don is planning on making his bank in Kenya and Tanzania. He is already a stake holder in banks in both countries.

*Update: The foundation has already been set, and he is planning on acquiring 60% share of the Kenyan bank.

Many in the western countries are unfamiliar with the safety of banks in Africa. They often think of unstable countries like Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, etc. However, according to the 2017 world's safest bank ranking by Global Finance,


8 out of the 55 African countries made the list, and both Kenya and Tanzania were among those 8 countries.

The Don is planning to acquire more banks in the future; not only in Africa, but in Europe and Asia as well.

And just to add, the Don has over 20 years of experience in banking and investment management. He himself is an expert in offshore banking.

He already has clients that are in the super wealth category. They are just waiting for Don to complete his project so they can transfer their assets.

*update: The name of the Kenyan bank has been released, and even the African media have reported about the bank's offshore goals. With this announcement, the credibility of the ADK project has increased! As the news spreads, more eyes will be on this project.

And this... ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest reason why others cannot mimic what the Don is doing.

An average joe won't know how to shoot a homemade foot fetish video. Same idea.
I don't know if I get what you're saying or not...

What is the Don's banking plan?

There are basically two plans for the ADK banking: one for the wealthy and the other for the poor.

Plan for the wealthy

This is the main project in ADK, and one that is going to cause a huge storm in the crypto world.

Why is this the main project? Because the amount of money being involved is going to be RIDICULOUSLY large.

According to the Tax Justice Network, the super rich hold $32 trillion in offshore bank accounts.

Even if this is the only plan to succeed, the value of ADK will go up as planned.

The bank will provide:

-Complete privacy of one's assets
-Complete protection of one's assets

That's it. This is what the Don is prioritizing the most.

You may think, What? Don't our banks already do that?

The level of privacy and safety of the banking network powered by ADK would be UNCOMPARABLE.

NOBODY in the world will be able to threaten your money. Even the public institution won't be able to do anything.

Using ADK's anonymous feature, nobody will ever know how much you own. Even when you send money to a friend, nobody will know about that transfer. Such thing would be impossible to do at a traditional bank.

Ultimate privacy leads to ultimate safety.

If nobody knows what you have, what you have cannot be taken away.

And that can be made possible, with the use of ADK. And don't forget, the funds can be sent without any fees. No matter how big or how many times you make a transaction, it will not cost you a dime.

So how can the ADK bank do this when the traditional bank cannot?

In order to explain this, I first would need to talk about AEOI.

What is AEOI?

AEOI, or also known as the Automatic Exchange of Information, is an agreement between countries to exchange information without having to request it. If one opens a bank account in an AEOI country, they will automatically notify your home country about it.

Japan is a country in agreement with AEOI. The Don is choosing countries that are not in agreement with AEOI to build the ADK banks.

Non-AEOI means that your bank in such jurisdiction will NOT share your data with your local government (unless your government issues a search warrant to go through your offshore account).

This is the service the Don is trying to provide for the wealthy group.
So what do you think? Quite amazing isn't it?



Calculating the value when the main project is complete

As mentioned earlier, ADK's estimated value is based on the amount it attracts from the world's offshore fund. The Don is aiming to only have 0.5% (of the $32 trillion) to be stored as ADK. Of course not all will be kept as ADK, so in total there should be even more money going into the ADK banks.

The WHOLE cryptomarket is valued around $300 billion, so you get the idea of how BIG the offshore money is.

It should be noted, that ADK is going to bring in money from a market that is OUTSIDE the cryptomarket. This is one big advantage ADK has over other cryptocurrencies.

Here you can see how the boss calculates the value of ADK.

His plan was so unreal I LOLed.

Plan for the poor

For those that are financially less fortunate, opening a bank account may be too expensive.

Nowdays banks are focusing on how to use the rich people's money, and this bothers Mr. Ricardo heavily.

“Even for a small amount, a bank should be able to open an account for people. A bank who only offers to the wealthy are not true banks!”

Currently there are 2 billion working-age adults that do NOT have a bank account. That is 38% of all adults in the world.

Using mobile phones and ADK, the Don's bank will make it possible to open a bank account for a very low fee.

However, this account offer for the poor is not limited only to the ADK project. There can be other projects that will offer something similar.

However, ADK will have the advantage of offering zero transfer fees, and fast transactions (as the traffic becomes more busy, the faster the network becomes).

The advantage of being able to send any amount, big or small, to anybody free of charge, is huge a one.

Other plans for ADK

Projects in the entertainment and sports field are also being planned. These projects were actually in the works before ADK: making of a hotel, sports arena, and a professional soccer team are such examples.

Update: Mr. Ricardo has recently became the president of the futbol club in Madrid, Club Deportivo Latina. With the Don in charge now, he has renamed the team to C.D. Ursaria.

It also sounds like a dream, but an ETF for ADK is on its way as well. And looking at the recent statements made by the Don, he seems to be VERY confident in this. This was the first time where he used the term “100%”.

Friends, many of you know I do not bull$hit just to push the price or gain trust. Soon we will make the banking official (*this was before the announcement of Sumac bank) and go on with rest of our plans. I ask you to have some patience. But let me make one thing clear. I am 100% sure we will have ADK ETF. It will take another year, but ADK will be traded as paper security! I did get some good news from Central bank and it has made me 100% sure we can deliver ETF with backing from our own bank.

More details on this are said to be more apparent at the end of 2018.

Update: The Don has told us where the ADK ETF will be available

Well, just for calming my nerves and not kill someone, I put this to rest. ADK ETF will be traded on Kenyan Stock market. You can use our own bank or the follwing:
AIB Capital (Website)
Dyer & Blair (Website)
Faida Investment Bank (Website)
Genghis Capital (Website)
Kingdom Securities (Website)
NIC Securities (Website)
SBG Securities (Website)
Suntra Investment Bank (Website)

The ETF will be traded openly on the stock exchange.

People seem to forget, but ADK is already available to use at online casinos (bitcoinrush and moneypot)

So how much longer do I need to wait for that project where a bunch of bikini girls pop out?
Please wait forever.

Are there competitors for ADK?

Currently there are no competitors for ADK's main project.

Because this is in such a particular field, unless one is specialized in both offshore and cryptocurrency, it would be very difficult to enter into this business.

However, there WILL BE similar projects coming out after the ADK project is complete.

Not to say they will be a legitimate one. It will be very difficult to be a contestant for ADK because of the lack of offshore clients.

Instead, there probably will be a lot of scams claiming to do the same thing as ADK.

For people who know a little about cryptocurrency

This will be for people already experienced in cryptocurrencies.

Please skip this section if you have no clue what I am about to discuss.

Wouldn't this compete with XRP?

People familiar with crypto will think of Ripple when they hear banking and money transfer.
So wouldn't they be a competitor for ADK?

Absolutely not. I even wonder why the two would be compared.

The reason is simple.
As of now, ADK is only planned to be used in their own banks and in its own economic zone only. They are not planning on having other institutions use ADK.

It's a very specialized crypto that only has features that the Don wants.

The value of ADK will go up enough with just the network Mr. Ricardo has. There is no need to have other institutions use ADK.

The two currencies are not targeting the same crowd, hence they will not compete with each other.

Is ADK just a transfer coin?

I often hear how ADK is just a transfer coin, so how can the value go up if it is converted into US dollars right away?

Is ADK really just a transfer coin?
Keeping it as is, will be very worth it.

Let's think about how many people out there would want to keep ADK “AS IS” instead of converting it into fiat. Even from the top of my head, I can think of these as examples:

-Investors who for some reason want to hide their funds in a complete anonymous currency, ADK

-One who thinks securing your seed (password) to your ADK is safer then keeping funds in a reliable bank.

-Due to fees required to use or send money in a bank, a person may want to keep some of his funds as ADK.

-People who keep ADK as an investment, thinking the price will rise.

-One who would always want to keep some ADK with them when more places start to accept ADK.

In my opinion ,because there are many that will hold onto this longer then the typical cryptocurrency (due to the characteristic of the main project), the value can rise rather easily.



The risks in ADK?

There are risks to everything. I would go over the risks ADK has.

How ADK can go wrong

Regarding this, I believe there is only one risk.

If the Don dies before the banking network is complete.

If this happens, I will probably part with the ADK that I have.

The Don has a back up plan where if he dies before the project is complete, his trusted lawyers will continue on to finish the project. But I still think completing this project without our Don will be very difficult to do. So I am planning to part with my ADK if any of the following happens:

-When there is an announcement that the Don has passed away

-If the Don disappears for more then 2 months without any reason
(if he comes out afterwards alive, I will buy back the ADK)

Wouldn't ADK be regulated?

When we have a bank with such high anonymity, we wonder how the regulation is going to be like.

Due to the following reasons, I think regulating it will be impossible.

-The banks are being built on multiple countries. In order to regulate ADK, regulation will need to be done on every single country ADK is at.

-Because the country will receive an enormous amount of foreign money, there are plenty of non-AEOI countries that want to accept/incorporate ADK.

-There is nothing illegal about buying and/or making an account for ADK, so it cannot be regulated.

-Cash money can be used in illegal activities, but there is nothing wrong with cash money. This is the same thing for ADK.

Is the ADK project progress slow?

This is not to the team's defense, but it is actually quite fast.

I don't think there is any other project that is moving as fast as this. So why do some of the holders claim this project to be moving slow?

It is because the Don is setting due dates WAY to early.
The Don is VERY fast at doing his work. Because he thinks of how fast things can be done on HIS WATCH, the due dates tend to fall behind.

Just multiply the due date by 2, and you won't stress too much regarding dates.

Is there a problem with Aidos Market?

Yes there was a lot of problems before, but after bringing in a genius coder to the exchange team, the exchange is now one of the most secure ones in the crypto world.

On a side note, behind the current success of the exchange, there lies the feat of old time holders being banned on telegram for their disputes for the problems the exchange first had.

ADK is known only to the Japanese and Koreans?

There's only 3000 people in the official ADK telegram. It is true that this number is way too low.

If we take a look at Solve Care for example (another crypto I'm looking into), the telegram channel just started and it already has 30,000 people. Despite ADK being in the top 100 market capitalization, ADKis still an incredibly foreign currency in the countries outside of Japan and Korea.

*ADK is not a Japanese or Korean coin

The popular cryptocurrencies nowdays have these things in common:

-They give away free coins to promote their currency through airdrop

-They are distributed when a user provides their computer power (mining the coins)

-Coins are distributed depending on the number of coins a person holds (PoS, Master Nodes)

-They are doing an ICO, collecting money to start their project.

Most currencies have done at least one of these. ADK however have not done any. They are doing absolutely nothing to gain popularity from the usual crowd.

Because the contents of the ADK project is such an extraordinary one, the Don does not want to do anything to lower that standard. That is why he does not want to spend a dime on advertisements.

Basically, ADK is still very unknown.
And THIS, is exactly the reason why I feel my readers are very lucky to be reading this today.

Then how did Japan and Korea find out about ADK before the other countries?
The talented and influential people who saw the potential in ADK happened to be Japanese and Korean.

*Update: The announcement of Sumac Bank has been released recently in the African media. Because of this, now the other countries are going to start noticing about ADK faster then before.


*update: The Don recently announced that 3 big exchanges (top 10) have noticed ADK, and is working to have ADK listed on their exchange free of charge.



For those that want more information about ADK

For those wanting to know the progress of the project, please get the direct words from the Don in the official ADK telegram.


And this, will conclude my report on ADK,

So how was it? Just for your information, I am not involved with the ADK team whatsoever, so there may be some mistakes in this article.

I just wanted my readers to get the basic idea.

If you still believe it is better to part with ADK now, please explain to your friend/holders in detail! With a proper explanation, the chance of your friend listening to you may increase.

To my ADK holders, I hope this article helped you convince the people around you.

Thank you for keeping up with me till the end, and I apologize for my poor writing skills.


For those interested in purchasing ADK

For those interested in purchasing ADK, you can buy them on the following exchanges:

Aidos Market

Right now, ADK can be bought only with bitcoin. So you will first need to send your BTC into your wallet inside the exchange (Aidos Market or Nessie)

If you do not have any BTC yet, I recommend buying it through coinbase. It is fairly easy, and you can use your debit card or connect your bank account to buy (paypal was also available before, but it is on hold as of now)

through this link coinbase will give you an additional $10 bonus with a purchase of above $100.




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